What We Do

At Botanix Pharma, we are dedicated to developing next generation therapeutics for the treatment of serious skin diseases.

Our mission is to improve the lives of patients battling acne, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, by providing new treatment options for conditions that currently are inadequately addressed or are treated with therapeutics that are burdened with side effects profiles.

We are harnessing the untapped potential of a synthetic active pharmaceutical ingredient known as cannabidiol which is currently being studied for the treatment of epilepsy, pain, arthritis and schizophrenia amongst other indications. Botanix is preparing for the first human trials utilizing synthetic cannabidiol in a proprietary drug delivery system (Permetrex™) for direct skin delivery of the therapy.


Vince Ippolito - President and Executive Chairman

Vince Ippolito is President and Executive Chairman of Botanix Pharmaceuticals and responsible for the Company’s commercial operations worldwide. Mr Ippolito is based out of Phoenix, Arizona where Botanix will be building out its commercial operations functions. Mr Ippolito also currently sits on the Board of Suneva Medical, a privately held regenerative aesthetics company. Mr Ippolito is a leading pharmaceutical expert who has over 30 years of experience in the industry, including more than 20 years in dermatology.

Throughout his career, he has launched more than 20 brands in dermatology and aesthetic medicine and played a leading role in two of the largest dermatology acquisitions completed in the past decade with combined valuations of $7.8 billion. He served as the Chief Commercial Officer Executive Vice President of Anacor Pharmaceuticals, a dermatology based biopharmaceutical company until September 2017, where he was responsible for developing marketing and sales functions, as well as strategising the company’s product portfolio. Previously, Mr. Ippolito was Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at Medicis, an industry leading dermatology and aesthetic company.

Matt Callahan - Executive Director

Mr Callahan is an experienced life sciences executive based in Philadelphia. He is the founding CEO of iCeutica Inc and Churchill Pharma Inc. and a co-inventor of some of the technologies that comprise the SoluMatrix Fine Particle Technology™ drug delivery platform that iCeutica uses to develop new pharmaceuticals. iCeutica has developed 3 products to date that have received FDA approval. He has more than 20 years legal, IP and investment management experience and is also a director of Glycan Bioscience LLC.

Mr Callahan has worked as an investment director for two venture capital firms investing in life sciences, clean technology and other sectors and was General Manager and General Counsel with Australian listed technology and licensing company ipernica (now Nearmap ASX:NEA), where he was responsible or the licensing programs that generated more that $120M in revenue.

Dr Michael Thurn - Executive Director

Michael is an experienced senior executive with managerial and Board experience spanning 15 years. He has a background in drug regulation and biopharmaceutical industry, including senior roles in listed and private companies. Michael has worked extensively with life science start-ups across a range of technology platforms and has experience in drug discovery, preclinical and clinical development. He has guided and advised on the development of a range of NCEs (New Chemical Entities) through clinical trials, and possesses strong project management skills with a proven ability to raise capital.

Prior to Botanix Pharmaceuticals (ASX:BOT), Michael held managerial and executive roles at Mimetica, Spinifex Pharmaceuticals and Cytopia and was a toxicology reviewer with the Drug Safety and Evaluation Branch of the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Michael has a doctor of philosophy from University of Technology Sydney and was a Postdoctoral Research fellow at the Australian Institute of Marine Science.

Dr Stewart Washer - Director

Dr Washer is an experienced executive with more than 20 years experience at Board and senior executive level across medical technology, biotechnology and agrifood companies. He has an established track record and has overseen acquisitions and strategic partnerships in the pharmaceutical and cannabinoid medicine sectors, with some of the world’s leading companies. Dr Washer is currently active as an ASX board member with Orthocell (ASX:OCC), Zelda Therapeutics (ASX:ZLD) and Cynata Therapeutics (ASX:CYP). Previously, Dr Washer has been an Investment Director at Bioscience Managers, a leading life science investment firm and was a Venture Partner with the Swiss Inventages Fund, a €1.5bn life science fund, funded by Nestle. Dr Washer has held a number of Board positions previously including the Chairman of Hatchtech, that sold in 2015 for A$279m and as a Director of iCeutica, which was sold to US-based Iroko Pharmaceuticals in 2011.

Dr Bill Bosch - Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Director

Dr Bosch is a seasoned pharmaceutical executive with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, focusing on applications of nano technology to drug product development. Dr Bosch also works with iCeutica Inc. and is a co-inventor of the SoluMatrix™ technology and has been instrumental in the development and scale up of the platform and the development of the 3 FDA approved products that use that drug delivery technology.

Before iCeutica, he was Director of Pharmaceutical Research at Elan Corporation where he managed the development activities for four commercial products which incorporate nano technology. Dr Bosch was a co-founder of NanoSystems LLC in 1995 and a co-inventor of NanoCrystal® Technology.

Our Partners

Botanix works with a range of partners for the supply of synthetic CBD, the manufacturing of GMP material in a DEA licensed facility for clinical trials and the conduct of well controlled human clinical trials.

Given that we work within a closely controlled industry which requires specific licensing and product handling, Botanix works with experienced DEA and FDA advisers and our partners to ensure compliance with relevant legal requirements.

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